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The Quality, Environment and Safety Policy of the information constitute a basic pillar from the General Policy at Sotec Consulting. In our company we have established and minimized the risk in which our information is being exposed: decreed and reviewed the Quality, Environment and Safety objectives to obtain full satisfaction from our stakeholders.

Our policy also implies the compliance with legal and other requirements relating to environmental aspects, which could be controlled and in which the company could have influence on, as well as the commitment to the continuous improvement and pollution prevention.

For this reason and to achieve our goals, the management department takes the commitment to dedicate all of its economic, technological and human potential to this task, so that the company´s organization, investment policy, development of new methods and human resources are being focused in satisfying the needs of our stakeholders, subjected to the guidelines established by the General Direction.

Our principles for action:

  • Achieve full satisfaction from our stakeholders, by studying all services from different perspectives, optimizing its functionality.

  • Creating and maintaining a Culture of Quality and Safety,assumed by all of our employees, which constitutes the basis of our business activity.

  • Directing all of our efforts in the continuous improvement of our service´s quality and increasing the efficiency of our processes,in such way that our capacity of reaction and adaptation exceeds the market´s expectations.

  • Compliance of the requirements of applicable regulations and legislation and serve as a frame of reference to establish the objectives of Quality.

  • We guarantee our employees the level of training, motivation and technical facilities in order to achieve the efficient development of their work activities.

  • Ensure the confidentiality, defined as the assurance of access to information from authorized users by establishing access control.

  • Identify risks of operated processes in an individual way and with third parties.

  • Assure the integrity of assets, defined as the complete and exact preservation of information; properly use of the assets and make backup procedures.

  • Assure the availability, defined as immediate access to information as soon as the user requires it.

  • Transform the means of innovation into processes and technology, allowing us to better meet the needs of our stakeholders, so that we are more efficient and productive.

  • Assume a commitment in pollution prevention and environment responsibility through the establishment of environmental practices to reduce intakes and properly manage waste, as well as increasing consciousness and provide training to our staff in environmental matters.