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We manage and analyse huge volumes of data that cannot be treated in a conventional way and we offer them to the end user in a comprehensible and highly visual way to facilitate decision making.

Through our Big Data platform we perform constant analysis of massive volumes of continuous data with millisecond response time.

Supported by the power of this platform, we have access to a portfolio of data management functions, software and services that offer a wide variety of business analysis in a modular form.

The volume of corporate data grows exponentially, each time at a higher rate and sometimes unaffordable by ICT infrastructures. Therefore, organizations need to update their systems and implement solutions that allow them to address this phenomenon, obtaining competitive advantages from the use of information so far wasted.



Predictive analytics help companies predict with certainty what is going to happen in order to anticipate and make decisions about it. In Sotec Consulting solutions and products of predictive analysis that meet the expectations of different users and profiles, from initiated to expert analysts.

With the software of predictive analysis you can:

  • Transform the data into predictive knowledge to guide the interactions and decisions of the first line. Predict what customers want and what their next step will be, thus achieving retaining them and increasing their profitability.
  • Maximize the productivity of the employees, processes and assets.
  • Detect and prevent threats and fraud before they affect our organization.
  • Measure the impact on social networks of the products, services and marketing campaigns.
  • Perform statistical and regression analysis, cluster analysis and correlation analysis.

The key for the extraction, analysis and transfer of data.


Both electric energy meters are moved through information flows in the electric network, including the status and current use of energy. Cool Report has been used to solve energy efficiency challenges and test the tools for its use.

of comercial campaigns

Many commercial campaigns require a significant investment in the sales force, visiting customers and producing results.
Cool Report allows the tracking and monitoring of the evolution of geolocation campaigns based on customer outputs.


The monitoring and reporting of alerts in transport, telecommunications or infrastructure networks are also one of the main battlefields of CoolReport.


Long distances and online management of patients through wearables and smart devices for health that report clinical data or potential threats, are also grouped in CoolReport.